Oktas, IT Consulting

Founded in 2006, Oktas is a consulting company on Information System technologies. Therefore, it relies on highly skilled senior consultants, experts in their functional areas.

Today Oktas is well-established in the Telecom and Energy industries, and is currently expanding its expertise areas.

The main activities of Oktas Consulting are the following :
  1. Consulting at every stages of a project,
  2. System Integration,
  3. Training,
  4. Recruitment assistance.

Oktas is aiming to develop its two main activities :

  1. Working worldwide on international projects. Our consultants allow companies to continuously improve their processes and IT Systems, and therefore Oktas remains at the cutting edge of technologies and best-of-practices.
  2. Developing business in the Indian Ocean, especially on Reunion Island and hence offering services of internationaly and localy experienced consultants.

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