Our References

We are presenting here significative clients for which our consultants worked during their career. They very often worked on very large and complex projects, in several industries.


For Belgium's main Utility in Brussels, our consultant took part in the implementation of the IT systems responsible for collecting meter data and pricing contracts.

For Ireland's biggest Utility in Dublin, our consultant took part in the implementation of the IT system required to participate in the new Pool Single Electricity Market. The settlement solution implemented provides invaluable business benefits in the reconciliation process.

For Wipro Technologies , several projects in Paris, France for a worldwide Energy producer. Those assignements have been critical due to the current deregulation of the energy market. Our consultant advised the client on the best ways to increase its reactivity and integrated the preferred solutions to achieve a better long-term vision and strategy.


In Madrid, Spain for Nimbus Systems (innovative software editor for telecoms, energy and finance industries), our consultant participated in the definition of the quality norms, procedures, and tools.

For AMS, several projects in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Germany for one of the biggest german operator of fixed wire and mobile. Those assignments consisted of the integration of a complete software suite spanning from CRM to Billing. This suite still enables management and billing of over 30 million customers.

Several assignements in Denver, Atlanta and Birmingham, USA for the biggest US telecom operator. Our consultant adapted a complete telecom software Suite (CRM and Billing) to the North-American norms.

In Lisbon, Portugal for a worldwide mobile operator, our consultant helped to the customization and integration of the Billing platform Arbor BP/OM software.


For SIA, home decoration business in Reunion Island, our consultant customized and integrated the Sage software for 3 shops, with live warehousing management.

For Casino in Saint-Etienne, France, our consultant managed the Maintenance project.

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